Waterproof - W7 7MM Pro Series Fullsuit (Male & Female Sizing)

$679.00 USD

Waterproof W7 5MM Wetsuit


 When Swedish cutting-edge design merges with a high-end wetsuit for the demanding diver.

Looking for a top-notch wetsuit that is ready for all kinds of diving?
Extremely soft, flexible Neoflex 100% CR neoprene, in an elegant grey & black dull Lycra offers you a perfect 4-way stretch and a comfortable high-performance fit.

We wouldn´t be Waterproof if we didn´t equip the suit with two anchor-straps with anti-slip for your computer, a tough Duratex seat for abrasion protection, all the features you have gotten used to on Waterproof suits!

Newly designed soft kneepads, Kevlar, and Duratex reinforced strengthens a critical part of the suit. Double zipper seal system, – Spine pad, glide-skin reduces the water flow through the suit to a minimum and offers added warmth. Double seals in smooth glide-skin in wrist and legs with a zipper to add comfort, ease donning, and doffing.
Extend Thermal Lining for a softer, warmer, more comfortable feel.

Anti-slip surfaces over the shoulders and waist. Two streamlined, easy to use, flexible pockets with enough space to hold a spare mask, SMB with spool, deco tables, and so on. All zippers come equipped with zipper pullers to ease opening and closing with or without gloves.

Tired of the neck/back chill when jumping into the water? As an option, you can get a Detachable neck seal that eliminates the water flow, a very welcome feature when you dive without a hood! The elegant grey colour scheme makes combining your suit with other gear and equipment a breeze.

The new W7 is manufactured with the highest grade materials and technologies available in an effort to maximize durability to keep the W7 in action longer.
At Waterproof we believe that making products that last is the most powerful incentive for minimizing our impact on the environment.

We use JAKO limestone neoprene in an effort to make our wetsuits as sustainable as possible, as well as plastic-free packaging to keep our oceans clean.


Product features:

5 or 7mm Neoflex 100% microcell limestone CR neoprene – More expensive but in fact the only neoprene that really works for diving. Excellent durability and insulation far better than other neoprene qualities, like SBR, SCR, etc.

Super stretch pockets – Two integrated hip pockets. Streamlined and flexible with enough space to hold for example a mask or an SMB. Water drain valves.

Double zipper seal system – Spine pad. Glide skin seal to minimize water flow as well as adding warmth.

W7 neck seal – Eliminates water flow. Available and sold as a separate accessory.

Knee pads – Kevlar and Duratex reinforced. Strengthens a critical area of the suit while still remaining soft and flexible.

Thermal lining – EXTEND thermal lining for a softer, warmer and a more comfortable feel.

Easy grip – Newly designed anatomical zipper puller. Offers a secure grip with or without gloves.

Seat – Duratex reinforced seat offers abrasions resistance in the seating area. Loop to secure the back zipper-puller.

Double seals – Generous double seals made from super-stretch neoprene with zippers at arms and legs. YKK #10 Vislon zipper.

Moulded PU Velcro tab – New and improved adjustable Velcro tab that only sticks to the assigned Velcro area.

Computer strap anchor – Secures the computer and holds it in place with anti-slip surfaces. On both the left and right arm.

Gender specific styling – Provides comfortable lift and support for the female and male diver.


Rinse your suit after each dive with freshwater, taking particular care to remove sand and salt from the zipper. Wash your suit occasionally with mild soap. Other cleaning products may only be used if authorized by Waterproof.

When changing, avoid standing on the wetsuit and avoid sharp objects. Dry your suit in the open shade on a hanger, away from direct sunlight.

Do not store your suit for extended periods hanging on narrow hangers, as the suit material may become stressed where it passes over the hanger. Use extra-wide hangers specially designed for wetsuit storage (WP Hanger Link). Suits should never be stored folded, as it may create permanent creases.

Store the suit away from sources of heat and away from sources of UV radiation (mainly sunlight), as both of these may degrade the materials more rapidly.


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