Who We Are

Paragon Dive Adventures is your one-stop shop for dive travel, training, and equipment needs.


Paragon Dive Adventures is a dive shop founded by passionate divers for passionate divers. Our team wanted to avoid having to search multiple sites for the best equipment on the market. Instead, we wanted a place where our customers could quickly access high-quality gear for the best dive experience possible. Out of this desire and industry need, Paragon Dive Adventures was born!

Family Owned and Operated

Paragon Dive Adventures stands out from other dive shops because we are a family owned and operated company excited about adventure and diving. Our tight-knit crew gives our customers a more personal shopping and diving experience. Our team also believes traditional dive shops don’t always meet the needs of advanced and technical divers. At Paragon Dive, our family caters to divers of all experience levels.

What Sets Us Apart

Paragon Dive Adventures isn’t your typical dive shop. We are family owned and operated with dedication and experience exceeding that of our competitors.

Experienced Staff

The experience and dedication of our staff also set our dive shop apart from traditional stores. At Paragon Dive Adventures, we always strive for complete customer satisfaction. We are a group of dive professionals and passionate divers who specialize in finding the best products for each client’s specific requirements at fair and competitive prices. We rely on our industry experience, vendor knowledge, and longstanding industry relationships to ensure your dive travel, training, and retail experience surpasses your expectations.

What We Do

At Paragon Dive Adventures, we are an all-in-one dive experience. From high-quality rental equipment to open-water training programs, we offer many services to enhance your diving adventures.

High-Quality Rentals

One of the many services we provide at Paragon Dive Adventures is renting high-quality dive equipment to divers of all experience levels and ages. Our shop offers a full line of rental and demo equipment, ranging from breathing regulators to dive computers. All our equipment is regularly maintained and serviced to ensure the highest safety and performance levels.In addition to our full line of rental equipment, we rent much of the gear for sale in our shop. This allows our customers to try our products before making a purchase. You can also apply our rental rate toward new equipment purchases. Our shop frequently makes our used rental equipment available for sale as well.

Training Programs

Once you have the proper equipment and are ready to expand your dive skills, we can help you achieve that. Paragon Dive Adventures is a full-service training center that offers dive training from start to finish. Our programs cater to divers of all skill levels, starting at initial basic open water scuba certification and ranging to rebreather and technical dive training.

Superior Products

Along with our rental equipment, we also offer a complete lineup of products that can be shipped directly to your door. Our products include dive computers, lights, cameras, rebreathers, regulators, fins, masks, exposure protection, gas tanks, and more. We also offer accessories and add-ons, such as gauges, weights, and wetsuits. To make your experience even easier and more convenient, we offer free shipping on qualifying orders and price-matching discounts. No matter your skill level, budget, or diving style, there is something for every diver at Paragon Dive Adventures.

Exotic Dive Travel

On top of our stateside programs, we also offer training courses at your location anywhere in the world. Paragon Dive Adventures has experience teaching courses in countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Bonaire, Micronesia, and Mexico. Once you are dive certified, you can join us on one of our once-in-a-lifetime trips. Discover a new, world-class dive destination with our technical and recreational options for exotic trips. All of our trips are closed circuit rebreather (CCR) friendly.

All Your Open-Water Dive Needs, Met

Paragon Dive Adventures has everything you need to make your next dive a success. Our high-quality rentals, excellent for-sale products, training programs, and exotic travel destinations will take your experience to the next level. Our passionate and experienced staff is also available to help you every step of the way. We look forward to helping you make the most of your next dive adventure!

Contact us today for more information on our rental equipment, training programs, and other services.

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