Waterproof - Neoskin 1.5mm Fullsuit (Male & Female Sizing)

$190.00 USD

Heavier and warmer than Lycra, softer and more flexible than a wetsuit. Completely wind and splash-proof. Flexible, smooth interior fabric, makes the Neoskin easy to don and doff.

Product features:

  • 1mm thickness.
  • Protects from wind and splash.
  • Super-stretch material means it fits all body shapes.
  • Super-stretch and super-soft.
  • YKK Vislon zipper with 100% corrosion free slider.
  • Flatlock seams with hi-quality thread.
  • Warm and comfy.

Materials and care:

  • Rinse your suit with fresh water after diving, taking particular care to clean sand and salt from the zipper. When changing, avoid standing on the wetsuit and avoid sharp objects.
  • Wash your suit occasionally with mild soap.
  • Rinse your suit after each dive with fresh water, taking particular care to remove sand and salt from the zipper. Wash your suit occasionally with mild soap. Other cleaning products may only be used if authorised by Waterproof.
  • Dry your suit in the open shade on a hanger, away from direct sunlight.
  • Do not store your suit for extended periods hanging on narrow hangers, as the suit material may become stressed where it passes over the hanger. Use extra wide hangers specially designed for wetsuit storage (WP Hanger Link). Suits should never be stored folded, as it may create permanent creases.
  • Store the suit away from sources of heat and away from sources of UV radiation (mainly sunlight), as both of these may degrade the materials more rapidly.

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