UWLD - 10,000 Lumen Video Light - Underwater Light Dude

$1,676.00 USD

Underwater Light Dude - UWLD Video Lights

A 10,000 lumen professional video light with supreme flexibility, and a tiny form factor.

LD-100V-HO Video Light Head

10,000 Lumen 90 CRI video head. Includes 1" ball & Piezo cover to protect against accidental turn on.

Battery Kit

Battery kit includes choice of battery with mounting hardware, charging base, and charger.

100V Corded Head & Canister Cap — optional

Optional 100V Head Cap


  • 10,000 Lumens @ 90 CRI 5600 Kelvin
  • 5 power levels, can be used out of the water on low
  • LED battery status indication around the Piezo switch. Eliminates guessing battery charge and extends the life of the battery by only charging when needed.
  • 120 degree beam angle in air, 90 degree beam angle in water
  • Up to 30 hours burn time (see Matrix)
  • 1″ Ball Arm Mounting System
  • Compact size and weight (Mini: length 7.6″; diameter 2.6″)
  • LED over heat protection, can be used on low out of the water
  • Battery over charge, discharge, short circuit, and over current protection
  • 13,000 Lumen @ 70 cri 5000 Kelvin Optional
  • 200m/600ft depth rating
  • UN/DOT 38.3 Certified for Safe Transport of Lithium Batteries (including air travel)
  • Head Dimensions: 2.6″/66mm D X 2″/51mm L
  • Canister Dimensions: 2.6″/66mm D X Mini 5.75″/156mm L, Short 8.5″/216mm L, Tall 11.5″/292mm
  • Dry Weight:  Mini 2.4lb/1.1kg, Short 3.2lb/1.4kg, Tall 4.1lb/1.9kg
  • Buoyancy: All battery sizes -0.5lb/0.2kg
  • Only one 10,000 Lumen head can be run on the mini (54wh) canister

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