TDI - O'Dive Doppler Technician - Instructor

$700.00 USD

TDI O'Dive Doppler Technician Instructor Course

This course provides the training required to allow instructor candidates to competently teach and certify TDI O'Dive Doppler Technicians to conduct field readings utilizing the O’Dive Doppler system so as to better optimize personal decompression strategies. The objective of this course is to train candidates in the proper techniques, equipment requirements and problems involved in taking O’Dive Doppler readings and interpreting the information generated.

Course prerequisites

  1. The instructor must own their own unit/sensor

  2. Be certified at the TDI user level or equivalent

  3. Verification of attending a manufacturer approved training seminar

How to take this course!

  • Sign up here and an instructor trainer will contact you to scheudle the rest

Course Cost:

• $700 Instructor Fee - Includes two classroom sessions - One once you receive your sensor and one after you complete the practical applications
• The course fee includes certification for 2 instructors if the DCI Sensor is purchased. Any additional instructors will be $250 per instructor

What’s Not Included:

• Student must have access to a sensor. Part 1 is completed once the student receives their O'Dive Sensor. Part 2 is completed after the student analyzes and minimum of 12 dives.
• Registration with TDI and certification fee.

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