SI TECH - Cuff Dump Valve

$38.65 USD

SI TECH - Cuff Dump Valve

Non adjustable (not spring loaded). One way flow Dump Valve without any adjustment. Controlled by Check valve. No On/Off function. Designed to fit SI TECH Valve ports. (Valve port is not included).

SI TECH does not recommend this valve as the only valve on drysuits. Dump Valves should be used in combination with a SI TECH Exhaust Valve.

This Dump Valve is designed to be fitted in a Valve port. The hole in the drysuit fabric must be a minimum of 50 mm (1,97") in diameter. The Baseplate must seal against the Valve port.

Valve ports: SI TECH Valve ports with item no: 60885 or 60895.

Attachment tools: Item no: 18417 (set with external and internal tools, for grip enhancement).

Technical specification

  • Diameter: 48,5 mm (with knobs)
  • Height: 29 mm (total without Valve port)
  • Attachment threads: M33 x 1,5
  • Pressure resistance at 10 normal liters/minute: 0,6 mbar

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