SI TECH - Antares Dry Glove System Parts

$23.50 USD

60251 - PU Ring for the QCS Oval system (Modular Quick Change Solution).

60260 - Oval Stiff Ring for QCS Oval or attachment of ANTARES to QCS Oval.

60261 - ANTARES Glove Ring.

60263 - BLUE & 60264 - GREEN - The two diffrent Spanner Rings allows a variety of gloves to be used. Blue Spanner Ring for medium/thick gloves and green Spanner Ring for thin gloves.

60266 - The ANTARES Support Ring solves locking problems that might occur when the ANTARES Dry Glove System is mounted in drysuits with short arm lengths or when the ANTARES user is wearing heavy duty undergarments.

The Support Ring will guide the latch arms of the ANTARES Glove Ring on its path towards the locking grooves of the ANTARES Oval Stiff Ring. It will at the same time prevent the seal or part of the glove liner to interfere with the locking process.

80173 & 82038 - O-rings for ANTARES, Glove QCP and Quick Glove Dry Glove System.

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