Sharkskin - Titanium 2 Multi-Sport Suit (Female)

$599.95 USD

Sharkskin Titanium 2 Multi-Sport Suit (Female)

The amazing Titanium 2 Multi-Sport Suit features breathable, thermal protection T2 material throughout, surf style top entry with a water-repelling neck cover, a handy thigh pocket and knee reinforcements. This suit is ideal for most water sports, including diving, surfing, kite sailing, windsurfing and much more! Available in male and female sizes.

SHARKSKIN's new Titanium 2 product range offers outstanding thermal protection tested equivalent to 5mm neoprene and can be worn as your primary exposure protection in waters down to 68° F (20° C).

Sharkskin's legendary Chillproof material has been embedded with nanoparticles of titanium that capture and retain significantly more body heat. The inner layer features a "hollow yarn" fleece that holds and warms water next to the skin while in the water. The middle technical layer is a one-way membrane that regulates body temperature on the surface by keeping out wind and water but allowing water from the inner layer to wick rapidly away from the body. The new, updated outer layer is a nylon/lycra blend with exceptional four-way stretch, is abrasion resistant and has a water-repellant finish that sheds water.

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