SEA&SEA - YS-D3 Lightning Strobe (Fiber Optic Cable NOT INCLUDED)

$935.00 USD

The YS-D3 offers lots of great improvements from it predecessor, YS-D2J, which lots of underwater photographers are ecstatic about. With the improvements on the circuitry the strobe can now produce a powerful Guide Number 33. Recycle time has also been improved which can fire again in 0.6sec even at Guide Number 22.


  • Maximum Guide Number 33
  • Newly developed aspherical troidal lens on the flash tubes provides even light dispersion, no hotspots are produced
  • Wide beam angle of 120° or can even wider (150°) with the optional diffuser
  • Large capacity condensers
  • Firing the strobes at Guide Number 16 the strobe can continuously fire without any interval time
  • Two-stage signal - Visual and Audible notification that the strobe is ready to fire 
  • Has a pre flash cancel mode
  • Improved power of target light which can be used as a dive light also. It is also adjustable in 2 steps
  • Auto power off when the strobe is left turned on for a long time
  • Over pressure relieve valve


  • Slave TTL
  • Manual Mode


  • 5-Pin Sync Cord/N
  • Fiber Optic Cable

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