SEA&SEA - Stay L II for RDX and Compact MDX Series Housings

$339.95 USD
The Grip Stay L II from Sea & Sea is a tray with 2 ergonomic grip handles designed for all of their RDX series underwater camera housings. The tops of the grips accept SA8 Sea Arm and other lighting arm bases, which are available separately. The shoe connection on top of each handle can rotate a full 360°, and the handles themselves can slide along the slots on the tray to provide a wider or narrower grip. Two 1/4"-20 screws enable housing attachment, and nine 1/4"-20 mounting holes allow you to attach the tray to a tripod, plate or other support system. An optional housing lanyard can also be connected to either of the handles. The Grip Stay L II is constructed from aluminum, stainless steel and plastic.


  • Tray with 2 Grip Handles
  • Attachment Points for Lighting Arms
  • Numerous Mounting Holes
  • Adjustable Grip Position
  • Grip Shoe Connection Rotates 360°
  • Aluminum / Stainless Steel Construction

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