SEA&SEA - MDX-D500 Housing for Nikon D500

$3,499.95 USD
The MDX-D500 housing has newly re-designed control levers and is compatible with Optical YS Converter. Made from solid block aluminum, this long lasting housing gives you control of your Nikon D500 HD-SLR. 
  • Compatible with Optical YS Converter
  • Shutter lever, AF mode lever, AF-ON lever, and movie-record lever all have been re-designed with ergonomic shapes
  • Luminescent Buttons
  • External Port Locka and Lens Release
  • Diopter Adjustment Dial
  • Equipped with two (2) fiber-optic cable sockets
  • Equipped with one (1) N-type (2-pin) connector and one (1) HDMI accessory port
  • Equipped with two (2) sacrificial zinc diodes
  • Compatible with Optional VF45 and VF180 View Finders
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy machined
  • Dual locking latches to prevent accidental release of housing back
  • Depth rating 100m/330ft
  • Compatible with SEA&SEA Strobes, SEA ARM 8, Fiber-Optic Cable II, Electronic Sync Cords, Vacuum Pump System (TBA)

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