SEA&SEA - ARM 8 SET for Compact Digital or RDX or SLR INCLUDES: Tray/Grip, Ball Arm, Fixed Ball Base, 2 Ball Clamps, Strobe Head S

$299.95 USD

The Sea & Sea Sea Arm 8 Set is a modular system for connecting an external strobe to an underwater housing for a compact digital, or RDX or SLR camera.

For Compact Digital and RDX, the SA8 Arm Set starts with the SA8 Camera Tray Grip, an L-shaped component that connects (via a standard 1/4″-20 screw) to most compact camera housings on the market.

The set also includes an SA8 Fixed Ball Base, a long SA8 Double Ball Arm – 5" for compact digital, or 8" for RDX, and an SA8 Strobe Head – Small. This last piece is used to mount a YS series strobe from Sea & Sea. Connecting components are two SA8 Ball Clamps, which can be tightened and loosened to enable adjustment of the arm’s positioning.

The SLR set does not include the tray or grip, but does include both a 5" arm and an 8" arm, 3 SA8 Ball Clamps, along with the Strobe Head and Fixed Ball Base.

Meticulously machined from a solid aluminum block, the SA8 system is highly rigid and at the same time extremely lightweight at only 1.2 lb.

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