SCUBAPRO - Seawing Supernova Full Foot Pocket

$68.00 USD

The Seawing Supernova’s innovative two-piece design, with blade and foot pocket molded separately, allows you to easily replace the open heel foot pocket with a premium Monprene® full foot pocket when you want to do some warm-water diving. Simply disassemble the fin’s Socket-Lock Connecting System, switch out the open heel foot pocket with a full foot pocket, reassemble, and you’re ready to hit the water.


  • Re-profiled for premium comfort and power transfer.
  • Heel-retention cup prevents slipping and chafing.
  • Slightly wider toe box.
  • For warm-water conditions that don’t require the wearing of a boot.
  • Available in five sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL) and two colors (Black and White).


Type Fins
1.1 lb
Activity Snorkeling, Recreational, Travel

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