SCUBAPRO - Everflex YULEX® Dive Hooded Vest, 2mm

$160.00 USD

Offering lots of stretch to maximize range of motion, this comfortable 2mm vest is a lighter-weight version of the 5/3mm hooded vest that can be worn either by itself or for layering in warm-water dive scenarios. Both vest and hood offer a black stretch polyester outside/inside lining, and the hood also comes with a face seal.


  • YULEX® dive: Plant-based foam made from FSC-certified-natural rubber. 100 % neoprene-free.
  • YULEX® dive is specifically formulated to resist wetsuit compression while diving.
  • Vest is assembled with flat-lock seams using a solvent-free glue.
  • Both hood and vest offer 2mm of thermal protection and a black stretch polyester outside/inside lining made from recycled plastic bottles.
  • Hood includes a face seal to cut down on water intrusion and increase warmth.


Thickness 2mm
Materials Yulex Dive plant-based foam
0.7 lb
Activity Recreational, Travel
Hood Type Hooded Vest

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