SCUBAPRO - Devil Dive Mask, W/EZ Strap

$116.00 USD

This updated single lens mask offers excellent field of vision, a durable Ultra Clear lens, and super-soft black or white silicone skirts that block out light reflection – a huge plus for photographers. The design of the nose pocket makes it easy to equalize while descending. The mask comes with an EZ-Open mask strap, and is also compatible with SCUBAPRO’s line of Comfort Straps.


  • All-black version for military use or for divers who don’t want colored equipment.
  • Super-soft silicone skirt is comfortable and seals well against facial skin.
  • Ultra Clear lens is durable and allows for distortion-free viewing.
  • Easy-grab nose pocket makes equalizing a quick and simple task.
  • Includes EZ-Open mask strap.
  • Buckles will also accommodate SCUBAPRO Comfort Straps.


Mask Type Single Lens
Skirt Tech Standard
Materials High-Grade Silicone
Skirt Color Black
Construction Framed
0.7033 lb
Activity Recreational

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