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With the EXPLORER NST, SCUBA FORCE presents a unique dry suit which is produced in a completely new method.

After more than three years of developmental work and in cooperation with a high-tech machinery company from Germany, we are now very proud to introduce the SCUBA FORCE NO STITCH TECHNOLOGY drysuit.

With this NST process, the main seams of the drysuit are welded with an ultrasonic welding machine and remain WATERPROOF. In contrast to conventional production with sewing machines, the material is not “perforated”, but connected without damage to each other! By utilizing this welding process, no water can seep into the suit.

Ultrasonic welding machines are incredibly high-tech. In addition to the welding components (anvil wheel and horn), the machines are equipped with a CAN bus-controlled automatic control which permanently monitors the entire welding process and ensures that a consistent, high-quality welding result is guaranteed.

Not only are the welds of an EXPLORER NST waterproof, they are also constructed for incredible freedom of movement.The seams are able to increase the mechanical strength of the weld and are reinforced on the inside of the suit with a stable, highly abrasion-resistant tape. This tape is also applied (pressure / temperature) via machin under control of the main parameters. Although it is not necessary, all of the welded seams are additionally reinforced with this tape, thus offering double security.

This new modern method of production, combined with high quality materials, make the EXPLORER NST unmatched in performance. Durability, freedom of movement, weight - the new SCUBA FORCE suit sets the standards for the future of diving dry.

Perfect Fit & New Sizes

A diagonal front zip combined with a telescopic torso provides the perfect fit. This combination also allows for independent entry and exit.
The EXPLORER NST comes in five sizes for woman and ten sizes for men.

  • Lady Sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L
  • Man Sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, ML, L, LL, XLS, XL, XXL

OPS - Overlay Protection System

The EXPLORER NST has the Overlay Protection System - OPS.
The OPS is made from a very strong Cordura material and protects the suit on exposed areas (shoulders, back, arms).

Integrated XBP Bellows Pockets

The basic configuration of the EXPLORER NST provides two XBP bellows pockets. These large-volume suit pockets provide the diver with a secure space to store equipment. A reinforcement rod in the outer pocket cover assures easy location and open and close, even when wearing thick gloves. Integrated bungee loops allow you to attach your equipment and guarantee that everything stays within reach. Additional internal pockets offer even more storage room and separation for necessary equipment such as wetnotes.

Unique Boot Selection

Select between two different styles at no additional charge. Choose between Dry Boots of Slim Line Boots, depending on the application or individual preference.
The size of your boot can be customized for the perfect fit.

  • Dry Boots are available in sizes from 38-50 (European); 5/6-13/14 (International)
  • Slim Line Boots are available in sizes from 2XS-4XL

Additional Features

  • Latex seals
  • Neoprene and silicone seals (SITECH) at an additional cost
  • High Performance inlet and exhaust valves
  • Integrated knee and leg protection
  • Suspender system
  • Great warm neck collar
  • Crotch strap

Scuba Force Carrying Bag

The Scuba Force carrying bag comes with the drysuit and is an innovative concept that allows for a great method of storing and transporting your drysuit and then once at the dive site, opens to reveal a great changing mat for on-the-go convenience.


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Pee Valve
Cordura Kneepads
Kevlar Kneepads
Neoprene Wrist Seals
Neoprene Neck Seal
SI Tech Neck and Wrist Seals
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