SCUBA Force - Black Devil Wing 60LB

$478.00 USD


Retraction Wing

The ScubaForce Black Devil 60 Retraction Wing can be used for double and single tanks as well as Sidemount configuration.

A classic horseshoe wing with silicone retraction bands for a multifunctional application. Textile interior bladder. Round zipper. Ballistic Cordura as outer material and high-quality metal inflator.

As with all ScubaForce Wings the Black Devil 60 Retraction is designed with quality and function in mind.

The retraction straps are made of high quality silicone elastomer (Bungees) and offer several advantages.

  • First they prevent unnecessary air in the wing. The Bungees support the draining of the air, but don’t prevent inflation by mouth (oral inflating), neither above nor under water.
  • The profile of the wing can be reduced to match the width of the diver, thus resulting in less drag.
  • By adding or subtracting bungees, the diver can adjust their trim both horizontally and vertically.
  • Because of the bungees, the ScubaForce Black Devil Wing is also optimally used in the sidemount area, and can even be used with single cylinders. Doubles 50’s to 130’s are also no problem.
  • Of course the Black Devil Wing can also be used without bungees.

The dump valve is located at the optimum height on the left side of the wing, and easily found by the diver in the event of an emergency.

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