OMS - Airstream Compact PVD 1st Stage Regulator DIN or YOKE

$475.00 USD

OMS Airstream Compact DIN PVD 1st Stage Regulator

Product Description:

The Airstream Overbalanced and Environmentally sealed first stage is made through a forging process allowing optimized hose routing. The low pressure ports are angled 30 degrees down and 23 degrees out to allow hose routing directly over the shoulders. The high pressure ports are angled down 45 degrees to keep gauges closer to the divers hip and body. This process also allows air flow to be channeled through larger passages combined with the overbalanced diaphragm creates the lowest Work Of Breathing effort (WOB) 0.80 Joules per liter in all conditions and temperatures. Built into the front of the body of the Airstream is a forged heat transfer keeping warmer air inside and forcing cold out allowing this regulator to perform in the coldest conditions where others fail.

  - 30 degree angle on the 4 low pressure (LP) assists with low profile hose routing
• Cold Water and Nitrox Ready(40% or less)
• PVD Black Finish
• CE certified to EN250 European standards
• All OMS Regulator models use the same parts kits

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