Oceanic - Duo Dive Mask

$64.95 USD

100% of the time, it seals every time.

Solid and rugged—yet friendly on the bank account—the Duo is a sturdy entry-level mask for beginners who crave top performance at a reasonable price point. A 100% silicone skirt & double-feathered edge guarantees a comfortable, dry seal and tempered safety glass provides a broad field of view.

All told, the Duo comes in a full seven different color varieties, so you can mix and match with all of the crazy high-performance, dynamic gear in your Oceanic kit. Come right to the reef, pier, beach or pool with the Duo and make all other swimmers, divers, snorkelers and tropical fish envious for your keen style sense.

100% of the time, it seals every time, and leaves you with a strong sense of security to go all in on your aquatic session without worry of seepage or leakage. Worried about a sure-thing seal? Don’t be. The silicone skirt & double-feathered edge makes for a reassuring fit that hugs your skin and leaves you with a watertight fit that performs at any depth.

To round it off, the Duo integrates an extremely sturdy tempered safety glass lens that stands up to continued wear and abrasion. Take it to the beach or reef and watch the Duo deliver high performance again and again. The only expectations you should set low for the Duo, are for the price tag.

• 7 color options
• 100 percent silicone skirt & double-feathered edge for a comfortable, dry seal
• Tempered safety glass strong and sturdy

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