Hollis - OPRV - First Stage

$24.95 USD

This Compact Over-Relief Valve (OPV) is designed to releases pressure in the event of an over pressurization of the first stage regulator. Easy to install into a standard 3/8-24 UNF low pressure regulator port.

  • Hollis Over-Pressure Relief Valve for First Stage:
  • Compact Relief Valve Design
  • Releases Pressure in Event of Over-Pressurization of First Stage
  • Factory Set: 175 to 185 psi (12 to 12.75 bars) for Pressure Release
  • Fits Standard 3/8-24 UNF Low Pressure Regulator Port
  • Chrome Brass Construction
  • Stainless Steel Internal Spring
  • Used by Technical and Serious Divers
  • Protect Regulator Components
  • O2 Ready to 100% Oxygen

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