Hollis - LG Pony Bottle Gauge

$44.95 USD

Ideal for deco bottles or back-up air supplies, this miniature pressure gauge provides accurate reading up to 5000 PSI or 400 BAR.

The Hollis Pony Bottle Gauge is a tiny gauge that easily connects to the 7/16" high-pressure port of your pony bottle regulator or other alternate tank regulator to show pressure in an easy-to-read display. Any diver who has used a pony bottle knows the hassle involved with trying to find out how much air is in the tank. Switching regulators to view the primary pressure gauge or adding a separate pressure gauge to the pony bottle is a problem solution. Now with the Hollis Pony Bottle Gauge, all those headaches are over.


  • Threads directly into any standard first stage high pressure port
  • Nitrox compatible to 100% O2
  • Large numbers and colored indicators for easy monitoring
  • Available in 0-5000 PSI or 0-400 BAR
  • One-way safety valve

  • Available in PSI or BAR

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