Hollis - DT45 Dual Wing

$599.95 USD

Hollis - DT45 Dual Wing 

The DT45 Dual Wing features a consistent 360-degree floatation for lighter aluminum cylinders with a redundant air cell. Target audience for the DT45 dual is warm water, banded aluminum cylinders in a wetsuit where backup inflation is mandatory. While the DT50 is focused on the dedicated drysuit diver, with heavier cylinders in cold water. 

Tank slots included on both models, which allows the occasional single tank dive without the need for a single tank adapter plate. This reduces weight and unnecessary accessories while traveling. 

The bladder is a two-piece design, with a rugged 1680 Cordura nylon outer shell to prevent abrasion and punctures, and a 420-denier nylon inner bladder to maintain buoyancy. The lower OPV is easy to reach for venting gas while horizontal or heads down, and the inflator design is a K style with a rugged crushproof rubber hose for easy positioning and oral inflation should you need to.

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