XS SCUBA - High Pressure Gauge - Replacement

$40.00 USD

High Pressure Gauge - Replacement

This is the gauge used on the Fill Checkers, AC360 and AC365, as well as the Cylinder Equalizer AC366.

  • 2.75” diameter

  • Dual scale: 0-5000 psi and 0-350 bar

  • ¼” male NPT thread

  • Stainless-steel case

  • For topside use only. Do not submerge.

  • Gauge boot not included

This gauge boot is custom fitted for the GB01 HP Gauge. It is not included with the gauge. It is a separate add-on item

  • Protects the gauge from mild impact

  • Silicone compound

  • Includes hole in top for over-pressure plug

p/n GB01 HP Gauge
p/n GP17 Gauge Boot

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