Logic Dive - Genesis 3.1 - DPV

$9,780.00 USD


***DPVs are shipping now with a current 60 day production cycle. If you order now you will have your DPV in roughly 60 days. Estimates change so please reach out with any questions.***

New motors and controllers made in the US
User Programmable Power Limits
More efficiency generating higher thrust

The Genesis 3.1 is the ultimate all around DPV and is now PASSENGER AIRLINE LEGAL!  At only 33.5lbs and 24 inches long, it is capable of speeds from 50 to over 300 ft/min and a cruise range of over 8 miles, making it ideal for shore or boat dives, while still providing plenty of range for cave diving. Single hand control of both ON/OFF and the infinitely variable speed makes it the easiest scooter to operate and leaves your second hand free at all times. The external recharge capability means you don’t have to open your scooter between dives to charge it and the magnetic shaft coupling ensures a lifetime of operation with no shaft seal maintenance or failures. The variable speed control is also magnetically coupled, so there are no dynamic seals anywhere on this awesome little scooter.


Weight – 33.5lbs (15.2kg)
Length – 24.3in (61.7cm)
Max Thrust – 90lbs (41kg) [400N]
Run Time at Max Speed – 50 minutes
Run Time at Min Speed – 16 hours
Approx. Range at Max Thrust – 2.7mi (4.3km)
Approx. Range at 2 knots – 6.4mi (10.3km)
Approx. Range at 150fpm – 8.7mi (14.0km)
Standard Depth Rating – 660ft (200m)
Optional Depth Rating – 1000ft (300m)
Li-ion Battery Capacity – 850Wh
Battery Voltage – 64.8VDC nominal
Charger Input Voltage – 110 or 220VAC switchable
Recharge Time – 4 hours

New to the Genesis 3.0 is quieter and has a little more thrust than the 2.0, and is also more power efficient, so it will have a little more range.  There is now a flashing LED that gives a visual indicator of battery charge. The flashes are only relevant when the motor in not running (resting voltage), as the motor causes the battery voltage to decrease when running, depending on the speed.  Levels are approximate, since they are voltage based.

5 Flashes = 5/6 or more charge remaining
4 Flashes = 2/3 or more charge remaining
3 Flashes = 1/2 or more charge remaining
2 Flashes = 1/3 or more charge remaining
1 Flashes = 1/6 or more charge remaining
Continuous Flashing = You have entered the power reduction charge level.
Solid ON = Motor fault.

After 30 minutes, the LED will blink continuous, just to get your attention, in case you forgot to remove the nose plug after you have finished diving.

Also new is the USB connector on the tail.  We have a configuration app on our website, so users can adjust certain settings and load firmware changes, if needed.  (MS Windows only)  You will be able to change the voltage levels, power reduction levels (2) and RPM limits, LED brightness and speed control levels and a couple other things.

Battery is the same Warp Core options as the 2.0, with Bluetooth.

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