Explorer Technology - X-Scooter (CUDA/Sierra) Stand

$95.00 USD

Explorer Technology - X-Scooter (CUDA/Sierra) Stand

Designed for the Dive Xtras Cuda and Sierra series. Available in Standard and Long Versions, for Extra long versions, check out our Big Fish Model

The last thing you want is for your DPV to fall over when it was left standing on the shroud, the boat hits some waves, you hit that bump a little too fast, or even just leaving it standing in your garage over the winter. Our custom laser-cut DPV stands may be the solution for you. Made from 1.5” thick EVA foam, the stand is made to take a beating and continue to hold your DPV safe.

Its hard to travel with a milk crate, but with our DPV stand, it quickly comes apart for packing and weighs less than 1.5lbs!

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