Dive Rite - O2 Supply Hose To CM "Choptima"

$39.00 USD

Dive Rite - O2 Supply Hose To CM "Choptima"

This is new and updated Oxygen supply hose. This low pressure inflator hose leaves the FT1 or XT1 first stage and is the optimal length for the onboard O2 on the Dive Rite CM O2ptima. The hose then connects as the primary O2 feed on the Choptima "Y-Block"

What makes this unique is the standard low pressure BC connection has a screw down locking mechanism. Simply attach the O2ptima low pressure feed and then screw down the threaded locking mechanism to secure the low pressure hose.

This makes sure the hose is secure and can not come undone. The hose is green miflex to aide in identifying its use.

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