Dive Rite - H Valve Adapter

$82.00 USD

The H adapter evolved from the Y valve. Originally produced by Sherwood in the 80's, the dual outlet Y valve for yoke regulators allowed divers to do limited overhead penetration while still having two independent regulator systems for redundancy. The H adapter is the latest generation of dual outlet single tank diving. The H adapter screws into the crossbar outlet of the K valve so a second regulator can be attached for technical diving. The H adapter is available in 200 bar only and equipped with shock absorbing ribbed rubber knobs that are rugged, yet easy to manipulate. As an integrated part of the valve no relief disks are necessary. All Dive Rite valves come with Viton o-rings and oxygen compatible lubricants and are Nitrox ready up to 40-percent.


Technical Details

  • Ribbed, rubber knobs with stainless steel inserts are tough, yet easy to open/close
  • Double barrel o-ring seals provides redundancy and better shock absorption
  • Brass with chrome-plated finish gives rugged protection and durability

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