Dive Rite - Complete QRM For Universal Lights

$70.50 USD

The Quick Release Mount System(QRM) is a mount system designed to quickly mount your light to a handmount, helmet, scooter, or anywhere else you can mount a receiver. The QRM provides simple, jam free operation with only a few moving parts. The QRM uses two EPDM o-rings for tension that are easy to replace and won't rust compared to a spring. The QRM consists of two parts, the striker and receiver. The striker is the piece that mounts to the light, while the receiver is the base. A locking mechanism mounted on the receiver keeps the light secure when attached.

The Complete QRM for Universal Lights (LT6130-QRM-UNI) includes the QRM Receiver Assembly (LT6131-RC) and the Striker for Universal Lights (LT6132-UNI). Both components may be purchased separately.

The Striker for Universal Lights (LT6132-UNI) mounts to nearly every canister or handheld light utilizing a universal channel and two zip-ties.

The QRM Receiver Assembly comes with two mounting options included. Two stainless 6-32 x 5/8 Phillips screws are provided to install the receiver on to existing Dive Rite handmounts. Two each stainless 6-32 x 9/16 Phillips screws and 6-32 lock nuts are provided to mount the receiver anywhere desired.


Technical Details

  • Material: Hardcoat Aluminum and ABS Plastic
  • Weight:  3 oz (85 grams)

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