Dive Rite - Chest Mount CCR Scooter Ring

$17.50 USD

Dive Rite - Chest Mount CCR Scooter Ring

Some of the feedback that we hear with the "Choptima" is that it is difficult to scooter with or use your DPV. Dive Rite has created a unique and simple solution for this making scootering on your Chest Mount Rebreather a snap.

Simply weave the webbing centered on your counter lung bags with the bolt snap facing your body. When you don your unit clip the bolt snap to your normal DPV ring on your harness and now you can clip the DPV onto the new scooter ring that is much easier to reach when using your DPV with on-board O2.

An added benefit is it will also help pull the unit down if you have problems with it riding up.

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