XS SCUBA - Deluxe Cylinder Equalizer with Braided HP Hose

$199.00 USD

Deluxe Cylinder Equalizer with Braided HP Hose

p/n AC366

The safe and easy way to transfer gas from one cylinder to another. Great for filling pony bottles. Both ends can be used on K valves as well as 200 bar and 300 bar DIN valves. Simply un-thread the yoke adapter to expose the DIN connector. It has a large 2.75” diameter, steel case gauge which provides dual scale psi and bar. The large, stainless steel bleed screw is replaceable.

For use with up to 40% oxygen premixed.


High-Pressure Gauge (p/n GB01)

  • 2.75” diameter

  • Dual scale: 0-5000 psi and 0-350 bar

  • Stainless-steel case

Gauge Boot (p/n GP17)

  • Custom fit

  • Includes hole in top for over-pressure plug

Twist Bleed Screw (p/n AC362)

  • Positive seal PDVF seat

  • Replaceable

Braided HP Hose

  • Thin diameter 0.32” (8 mm)

  • Length 60” (152 cm)

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