Big Blue - Fluorodive Kits

$48.99 USD

Scientists have discovered corals contain fluorescent proteins invisible to the naked eye that jump into view using innovative high-intensity fluoro lights and filters. This kit fits the following dive lights:

Fluorodiving Mask:

This yellow fluoro mask and strap is specially designed to precisely match coral fluorescent wavelengths.

Fluorodive Kit – FDK for 1200-II Series: CF450-II, CF1200P-II, AL1200WP-II, AL1200XWP-II, AL1200WP Tail II, BLACK MOLLY IV, BLACK MOLLY V,

Fluorodive Kit – FDK for 1200-Series: CF450, CF1200P, AL1200WP, AL1200XWP, AL1200WP Tail, BLACK MOLLY II, BLACK MOLLY III

Fluorodive Kit – FDK for VL4200 and VTL2600: VL4200P, VTL2600P

Fluorodive Kit – FDK for VTL3800, VL8000-TC, VL10000: VTL3800P, VL10000P, VL8000P Tri-Color

Fluorodive Kit – FDK for CB6500, CB9000, VTL8000: CB6500P, CB9000P, VTL8000P

Filter – Fluoro 15000: This product is a fluoro filter for VL15000P-Pro Mini and VL15000P-Pro Mini TC.

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