Big Blue - Ambient Light Filters

$97.99 USD

To avoid the mixed light problem ambient light filters are a necessity when shooting wide angle video and trying to maximize the "natural" light. These filters are great when shooting in shallow water up to about 40-60' depending on natural light.

55mm Ambient Filter:

Ambient filter to be used with: VL8000PTC, VL10000P, VL10000PB, VL10000PRC

63mm Ambient Filter:

Ambient Filter to be used with: CB6500P, CB6500PB, CB9000P, CB10000P, CB10000PRC

70mm Ambient Filter:

Ambient filter to be used with the following lights: VL15000P Pro Mini, VL15000P Pro Mini Tri Color, CB15000P, VL15000PRC, VL15000PB

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