Big Blue - 15000 Lumen Video Light (Standard & Tri-Color)

$1,099.99 USD
15000-Lumen Video Light:

The VL15000P 15,000 lumen pro-video light has been our best-selling high-performance video light for the last two years and now comes with a protective hard case! This light has six power settings and a maximum burn time of 20 hours. It has a 160-degree extra-wide beam that’s perfect for videos and photos as there are no hard edges. The rechargeable battery pack (included) is easily removed for quick charging and also comes with a one-inch ball mount for easy mounting to any Bigblue camera tray. The VL15000P has a lighted battery level indicator and a built-in red led setting for sneaking up on your favorite undersea creatures.


Max 15,000 Lumens at 6500K cool white and 5500K warm white setting

Protective hard case included

The rechargeable Li-ion 18650×7 battery pack gives you two hours on the highest setting

Anodized aluminum housing means rugged dependability

Color-coded battery indicator

100m depth rating

United States customer service from our office in Clearwater, FL

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