AMX Teknology - AV-1 Aluminum Screen Protector

$59.00 USD

AV-1 Aluminum Screen Protector

The AV1 computer has a robust and technical case, however, if you do not pay attention to it, it will inevitably suffer the ravages of time, shocks on wrecks and scratches on rocks.

AMX TEKnology has developed PROTECTOR, an over-protection that attaches to the window of the AV1, in order to absorb all shocks.

The fixing is carried out by 5 screws out of the 8 present on the case, this in order to avoid the total dismantling of the porthole. (the installation is easy and has already been tested by many users, nevertheless AMX TEKnology declines all responsibility for any damage suffered in the event of incorrect installation).

Made of T6082 aluminum.

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