Ammonite System - ACCU Thermo Type 14

$874.00 USD

Ammonite System - ACCU Thermo Type 14


Modern power supply source for heated dive wear

Simplicity, intuitive operation and performance reliability; up to 200 Watts heating power. The charging port of ACCU THERMO may be optionally applied to connect any of Ammonite System lamp head.

Two power outputs

Every ACCU THERMO heating battery head contains two power outputs. One, secured with a protective plug, can supply an umbilical light and charge battery pack. Second- E/O cord is made to power heating gear only. Outputs differ in voltage, so misusing it may lead to damage to your equipment!

Intelligent solutions, advanced functions

LED indicator – information on the battery level, intelligent E/O – an electronic circuit protecting the contacts of a wet connector from damage; Intelligent E/O “knows” when a cable is disconnected and when to cut off voltage, as well as when to bring back power supply after reconnecting

Easy switching on and effective power adjustment

the two-stage power control means effective power management extending battery life, the magnetic switch, whose properties are the same as those of a mechanical one – to easily feel the switch position, even when wearing thick gloves

Durability and reliability

The compact size casing all made of high grade hard anodised aluminium; the device is sealed with two o-rings and equipped with a safety valve


Since we only have one habitable planet, everyone has to play a part in protecting the environment.

At Ammonite System, we are very much interested in preserving the environment, and we’re doing our part. 

When deciding on boxes, bags, or containers, we have chosen to use recyclable cardboard packaging instead of plastic.

Recyclable packaging is a great way to extend the life of previously used materials and positively impact sustainability. 


Every ACCU THERMO box includes a charger. 



capacity nominal 14 Ah
charge/discharge cycles 500-700
charger input voltage 100-240 V
over pressure valve YES
rechargeable battery Li-Ion
total energy 125 Wh
voltage 10,95 V
max. length 200 mm
max. diameter 66mm
weight 1110 g
weight in water 415 g
max. operation depth 150 m



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