Dive Xtras - 3 Point Crotch Strap - DPV Harness

$101.00 USD

Designed for Scootering

To use a Dive Xtras X-Scooter correctly you must have a crotch strap to provide an attachment point for the X-Scooter tow cord.

A lot of technical divers using a back plate system have a crotch strap, however the common design of these is a single piece of 2in webbing between the legs. This works fine for preventing your equipment from moving around, however it can be uncomfortable when used as an attachment for a scooter with the thrust of the CUDA.

Make Scootering More Comfortable

The Dive Xtras 3 Point Crotch Strap is designed to move the thrust loads away from the crotch area into the legs. This makes long duration scootering significantly more comfortable. The strap also performs the same duty as a normal crotch strap and prevents your equipment moving excessively.

This strap can also be used for people whose diving equipment does not come with a crotch strap. If your equipment has a 2” waist strap it can fitted directly, If not it can be used with a waist strap similar to a weight belt.

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