Halcyon - Custom Wing Upgrades

$90.00 USD

Halcyon - Custom Wing Upgrades

If you just purchased a Halcyon Wing or Halcyon BC System and you want to make it yours with complete customization then you are in the right place. Customize your Halycon wing here!

Step 1 - Select the Halcyon Wing or the Halcyon BC System of your choice and add it to the cart. Make the purchase!

Step 2 - Our team will reach out to you and create your custom wing order. You will pick the following:

Wing Colors - $90.00 and you pick the following.

  • Front Color (Diver Side)
  • Side Gusset
  • Back Color (Tank Side)
  • Wing Logo Color
  • Wing Spine Color (Double Wings Only)
  • Color for Harness (If Ordering A Complete Kit)

If you want the reflective Gussett it is an additional $40.00 fee

Step 3 - If you want wing embroidery we will work with you on that as well.

  • Text Only Embroidery is $70.00 per side
  • Custom Logos have a one time $100 setup fee and can be combined with text.

Step 4 - In 2 to 3 weeks we will ship you your custom wing and you can be diving in style with the Halcyon wing of your dreams!

That is it. Reach out to our team for assistance. We love building awesome one of a kind custom kits!

*If you are looking for a full custom system we can do that as well. Just purchase the wing and reach out for a full custom kit and we will get you all setup. If you have any questions on Halcyon Dive Systems wings let us know*

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